Wednesday, September 3, 2014

30-day Drawing Challenge Completed!

Happy September! Last month, Spoonflower hosted their first Instagram drawing challenge, issuing a new "prompt" every other day or so. I thought this would be a great way to get back to working by hand, and I loved it. Here were my entries. You can view all of the entries on Instagram using the hashtag #spoonchallenge. Can't wait for the next one!

Prompt 1: Cactus and Prompt 2: Mountain (both marker)

Prompt 3: Tree (marker) and Prompt 4: Landscape (colored pencil)

Prompt 5: River (colored pencil) and Prompt 6: Lemon (acrylic and marker)

Prompt 7: Book (marker and cut paper; the background is my Old-Fashioned Candies print, which I cut and pasted and added a yellow background to) and Prompt 8: Arrow (marker)

Prompt 9: Tea (Japanese Kanji character for tea painted with tea, then cut out and pasted onto tea bags and sugar packets; plus pencil shading) and Prompt 10: Toast (colored pencil)

Prompt 11: Platypus (pencil and marker) and Prompt 12: Hedgehog (ink fingerprints and marker)

Prompt 13: Beetle (colored pencil) and Prompt 14: Cat (marker)

Prompt 15: Fish (marker and cut out pictures of tuna cans) and Prompt 16: Skyline (blind count our drawing with pencil)

Prompt 17: Taxi (marker and pencil abstract) and Prompt 18: Map with Legend (marker and colored pencil)

Prompt 19: Landmark (pencil) and Prompt 20: Selfie (marker)

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