Friday, October 30, 2015

Plan, Print, Procrastinate

It took me six months of planning and procrastinating, but I finally finished my Instagram cheater quilt SpoonChallenge project! The challenge, created by Becka Rahn, was to design a cheater quilt using photos from my Instagram feed that could be printed onto a yard of fabric.

I decided to use photos from our family trips to Hawaii, and arrange them into an ombre-colored, pixelated banana leaf design. For the backing, I used my Umi Numbers Hawaiian Cheater Quilt fabric. Both were printed on Kona Cotton from Spoonflower, and then for the binding, I found a matching green solid Kona at the fabric store.

This was my first attempt at quilting! While stitching around the edges of each photo was a bit tedious (lots of stopping and starting and turning and backstitching), I loved doing the concentric stitches around the photos to the edge (about every 3/4"). I am really happy with the way the straight lines contrast with the organic lines of the quilt backing. I sort of cheated on the binding, top-stitching with the machine instead of slip stitching by hand (I have no patience), but I think it turned out great!

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