Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Mixed Bag!

Most of you know I have never posted on the weekend, but this has been such an amazing week, I had to blog once more! Over the last five days I have been greeted daily with messages and photos from Crafters who have made fantastic things using my fabric! (Yes, that's Crafters with a capital 'C', for emphasis!) You saw the fab Kindle cover made by Cherie using the Mix Tapes fabric. Now check out this rockin' clutch made by Jennifer Ladd of Milwaukee!

Available in her Etsy shop, the padded clutch is the perfect size for carrying essentials, and features a silver metal frame with kiss clasp and a bright pink and white polka dot coordinating fabric on the inside.

Jennifer does incredible work! She has an eye for choosing colors and mixing fabrics! You can see a whole bunch of her colorful purses, wallets, and even adorable, modern baby items, on her Flickr page as well.

I am so flattered when people choose fabric I've designed to make something so special...I get goosebumps!

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