Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tooting my own horn (for vintage stickers)!

After 12 years of searching on eBay and trading with fellow collectors, I have finally completed my collection of 1980s Cardesign Toots stickers! With the exception of rare variations I have never seen, and random strips printed in neon colors (I'm not sure how many of these exist, as they were made in the mid-1980s, after I moved on to other collections...and boys...), I now have at least one representative "sample" of each of the 147 different sticker strips. With variations, the total is 247! You can scroll through the whole collection starting here.

Did you collect stickers when you were a kid? What was your favorite brand or style?

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Rebecca said...

I don't remember any names but I loved collecting stickers, there was a craft shop that had reels and everytime I went in with my mum I would beg her for a strip of them! This is a real achievement though, must have taken ages!x

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