Monday, November 12, 2012

Geekly Chic Records & Tapes Coming to a Store Near You!

I am so excited to announce that my Mix Tapes and Stars on 45 designs have been picked up by Riley Blake Designs and will be available (on bolts!) in stores and online in March 2013! Both are part of their new "Geekly Chic" line, featuring work by myself and two other designers. And each design comes in three different colorways! Click here to see the full line, and here to find a store near you!

There's just a tiny bit of bad news: now that the designs will become available on 100% cotton from Riley Blake, they will no longer be for sale on Spoonflower starting in March. So if you want Mix Tapes or Stars on 45 printed on any other fabric besides cotton, you have a few months left to order.

Advance samples of the fabric have already been circulating around recent quilt shows, and people are making some fun stuff! A couple of photos I've found are shown below.

Photo by Erin Singleton

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