Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowflakes: Laser-cut or Lace?

Brrrrr! This week's Spoonflower contest theme is "Snowflakes". Did you know that, because of the nature of crystallization, all snowflakes have six points and sides? That lead me to thinking about hexagons, and then how the snowflakes could almost "link" together like when you cut out a string of paper dolls and they're attached at the hands. That, in turn, led me to thinking about laser-cut paper, and voila...a pattern of snowflakes that looks a bit like cut paper, or perhaps even lace. You can view the pattern in yardage here. If you like my design, you can vote for it, and all your favorite wintery snowflake designs, here. Thank you!

Here is some interesting information on how the different snowflake shapes are formed:

Generally, six-sided hexagonal crystals are shaped in high clouds; needles or flat six-sided crystals are shaped in middle height clouds; and a wide variety of six-sided shapes are formed in low clouds. Colder temperatures produce snowflakes with sharper tips on the sides of the crystals and may lead to branching of the snowflake arms (dendrites). Snowflakes that grow under warmer conditions grow more slowly, resulting in smoother, less intricate shapes. [Source]

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