Friday, March 7, 2014

Candy Swap: How Sweet It Is!

Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane recently organized a Regional Candy Swap. I've always wanted to participate in a swap, and thought this would be my first big break...a good chance to practice for a future swap that might involve making something. Heidi's hope was to pair people who lived in different areas of the country, so each would get some candy from another region of the U.S. Of course, being on the West Coast, I was way behind and didn't make the cut in time, but Heidi was kind enough to let me in anyway, pairing me with another of her blog readers who happened to miss the deadline as well. Turns out both Stevie and I were not only on the West Coast, but live only about 50 miles away from each other here in Washington state. But even though we're from the same region, we decided to "break the rules" and swap anyway!

While I went with a choco-centric retro theme, Stevie sent a box that must have weighed about 10 pounds, stuffed with goodies from around the Pacific Northwest, including Almond Roca made in Tacoma; regional favorite Aplets & Cotlets, made in Carnation (about 15 minutes from my home); a Moonstruck chocolate bar made in Portland; yummy Cary's toffee made in Grant's Pass, Oregon; dark chocolate-covered Goji berries from British Columbia; bonus Lindt chocolate bars; and an awesome retro Rocky Road bar, which I shared with my son immediately upon opening the box (he couldn't wait...and neither could I)!

Okay, so that isn't even all! Stevie is a master (mistress?) with polymer clay. Check out the fabulous, appropriately sweet, handmade gifts she included!

Stevie's Sweet Cherry Shop on Etsy is filled with mini delights. I am in awe at how the cake looks like cake, the sugar on the donuts is sugary, the pumpkin pie filling looks as though it has been beaten in a bowl and baked, then topped with whipped cream, mini sugar cookies are decorated with "icing"... Just amazing--see for yourself!

I'm so glad Stevie agreed to go rogue and swap with me. I loved my first swap and can't wait to do another. While it's great finding, curating, organizing, and packaging the material for the swap, I enjoyed meeting Stevie even more, and spreading the word about her work. Thanks, Stevie!


Stevie said...

What an awesome blog post Amy! You are so sweet, I had a wonderful time swapping with you.I think my favorite from my box was the Goo Goo Cluster, I've had the ice cream but never the candy bar. Thank you so much!

Molly Allen said...

What a delicious looking bunch of candy treats! And Stevie's creations look good enough to eat too!

penny candy handmade said...

You're so welcome, Stevie! Thank YOU! It was a great swap! Glad you liked the Goo Goo Cluster! I've never had the ice cream, only the candy bar (I'm old). ;-)

penny candy handmade said...

You're right, Molly! I love everything mini, but have no patience for even trying to make such goodies. Stevie is so good at it, I don't need to try!

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