Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Update: Surface Pattern Design Guide

It has been over a month since I last posted, so I thought I would update my last post about the Uppercase Surface Pattern Design Guide, with a picture of the spread on which my work appears.

You'll see familiar patterns in the first column on the right-hand page. I spent last weekend reading the whole magazine cover-to-cover, as I usually do, but this particular issue is especially beautiful and jam-packed with inspiration. Single copies of the issue are available from the Uppercase website, if you're not sure about subscribing. I'll be spending my freetime this week checking out the websites of all my faves from the Guide!


Ceri said...

Congratulations! I really want to buy a copy of this but the shipping is more than the cost of the magazine. Why do they do that?

penny candy handmade said...

Thanks, Ceri! I have no idea, besides the fact that shipping costs are outrageous, or maybe because the magazine weighs over 450 grams. :-( I checked how much it would cost if ~I~ mailed you a copy from the US and it is $1.75 USD more than the cost of the magazine. I see now that teh single issue is no longer available for sale on the Uppercase site. I wonder if there are any stockists in your area so perhaps you could buy one in person? Here's a link to the list: http://uppercasemagazine.com/stockists/

Ceri said...

Thanks for your message Amy! I will look out for the online version. Looks great!

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