Thursday, July 31, 2014

TBT: Humble Beginnings…plus, a Free Tutorial?

While starting to clean the studio last weekend, I came across the first things I made when I started this Penny Candy adventure back in 2009. Few people know that my original intent was to make and sell coin purses in my Etsy shop. But I wanted to design my own fabric for them, which is what brought me to Spoonflower. Long story short: I enjoyed designing the fabric much more than making the bags! So I abandoned the purse sewing and headed off toward surface pattern design.

Here are the first two purses I designed and made, using the first prints I created for Spoonflower so long ago (Woodtype Alphabet in Gray lined with Woodtype Alphabet in Mono Blue, and Footnote Flower in Gray lined with Footnote Flower Stripes). They're about 6-1/2" x 7". The outer Alphabet fabric is laminated, which I thought would be nice since the fabric is white and could get dirty. I'm thinking of writing up a tutorial for these, because they're fairly easy to make, taking about 30-60 minutes (not including 8 hours for the glue to cure). What do you think?

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