Thursday, December 11, 2014

2nd Annual Bizarre Bazaar: Holiday Craft Ideas That Are(n't) So Retro

It's Christmas Craft Roundup time again! All year long I gather old Christmas editions of magazines in order to showcase them around the holidays. It never ceases to amaze me how everything old is new again. This year, instead of featuring the ridiculous crafts that usually come to mind when one thinks of 1970s church bazaars (of which there were plenty in the pages of these annuals), the focus is on those ideas that actually look current. And there are many! What's your favorite?

Good Housekeeping Needlecraft (Fall-Winter 1972-73)

While I'm not a fan of the crocheted sweater, the pattern and color combos of appliqu├ęd flowers on these "Nosegay Sweaters" is nice.

The Hamburger Hassock uses 'suede-look' vinyl for the buns, corduroy for the meat patty, and shiny vinyl for the lettuce, tomato, and ketchup.

Fun patchwork totebag. Love the criss-cross quilting.

Alphabet Comforter and Alphabet Pillows. Nuff said.

Family Circle Christmas Helps (1975)

Cheery felt Fruit & Doves Wreath designed by Jane Slovachek.

Stuffed calico letters to hang on your door for a festive greeting, designed by Joyce Denebrink.

Bold, graphic gift wrap made with sticky vinyl shelf paper! Designed by Sarina Mascheroni and Pat Weissman.

Pins and needles put the finishing touch on this cactus pincushion (left); and some fun stationery designed using pencil erasers as rubber stamps.

McCall's Christmas Crafts in Felt Book V (1977)

Mouse House--love the trim detail and the chimney bricks. Designed by Dorothy Brush.

Larger-than-life boot for decorating, or fill to overflowing with small gifts.

Small amounts of felt, fabric, and trims combine for a colorful, happy scene.

Patchwork designs are made with felt to adorn greeting cards. Designed by Constance Spates.

These charming felt cards are pretty enough to frame! All designed by Crystal Collins.

Felt and embroidery cover simple cardboard boxes.

Beautiful felt ornaments to use on the tree, or in a mobile.

Family Circle Christmas Helps (1977)

The shapes in these salt dough angel and mushroom wreaths make interesting patterns. Designed by Nancy Steiner.

An assortment of vibrant ribbons lends texture and color to this woven stocking. Designed by Constance Spates.

Colorful felt designs transform plain cardboard boxes (top); and sunny orange felt trivets protect tables and countertops.

Lady's Circle 1,001 Christmas Ideas (1977)

Not sure if there are really 1001 ideas in here, but they're definitely "down-home", as advertised.

This DIY (that's "DOUGH-it-yourself") salt dough Santa might be a bit on the creepy side, but is also rustic.

McCall's Needlework & Crafts (Winter 1977)

Nativity figures sculpted from fabric and embellished with paint and stitching.

Yes, this gorgeous table runner and matching placemats were cross-stitched. (!) Designed by Marilla Arguelles and embroidered by Michelle Cohen.

McCall's Needlework & Crafts (Winter 1979)

42 ornaments made with five different techniques. My favorite are the geometric felt shapes and the Mexican yarn craft fish, bird, Santa, bell, star, and tree.

Crocheted novelty stockings--look at those cleats and hi-tops!

Beautifully shiny ornaments are designed with embroidery floss and metallic thread.


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What a fantastic selection, Thankyou for putting all out into the world again!

penny candy handmade said...

Thanks for checking out the post, Kerry! I've already begun collecting images for next season! ;-) Happy New Year!

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