Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I have been obsessed lately with Japanese washi tape, but much like vintage fabric and other crafty items I collect, I can't seem to actually use them. I just like to look at them, organize them, categorize them. Dream of things I would make, because if I use them, they'll be gone. This goes back a long way with me, like when I used to organize all the Halloween candy I received while trick-or-treating. Then I would save it and ration it. Months later, when my sister's was long eaten, I would still have a stash. I suppose this is related a bit to hoarding.

So since I've come to recognize this, I thought maybe I could curb those hoarding tendencies with washi tape by creating some faux strips and making them into patterns. These will soon be available on fabric in my Spoonflower shop. The designs run the full width of quilting weight cotton (42 inches), so they only repeat at the bottom.

I think I'll make some pillows with these and perhaps embellish them with theme-related baubles...if I can stand to part with any of those!

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