Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thrift Score!

I have been thrifting since I was a senior in high school (that's over 20 years...eek!) and it is definitely true that thrift stores have become so mainstream that it's difficult to find anything good anymore. Back in the day I would find Catherineholm bowls and cookware, Pyrex and Fire King in mint condition, old toys, fabulous costume name it. Now everything is either picked over, put into a "silent auction", or never even reaches the shelves.

Recently, on an outing to Goodwill to find a piece of clothing for my son's Halloween costume, I actually found some old '70s and '80s magazines. I was so excited I didn't even flip through them--I just filled up the cart. Most were Women's Day and Family Circle (I love to look at all the decorating, crafts, strange recipes, and old food and cleaning product photos), but also in the pile were a few German Brigitte magazines from 1984 and 1985. A cross between Women's Day and Elle, it featured lots of fashion spreads, ads for makeup, and lifestyle articles. I can't speak much more than 10 words in German, but the pictures were great.

I loved the two photos below--I thought they just screamed, "We're living in the '80s!"

But I was quite surprised when I saw this ad for men's underwear. I guess I just never imagined Disney would approve of Mickey Mouse's image being used in an underwear ad, especially with the ad copy I was able to translate using Google. There's also a cartoon cel of Donald Duck on the table. The '80s really were "anything goes" (and I loved them!).

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