Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'80s Flashback: Typography Shoes

When I was in high school...ahem, 25 years ago...Keds were pretty popular. Most girls wore plain white with thick, shin-high, scrunchy socks. But I found a pair that suited me better, and I laced them with white and green shoestrings--yes, two different strands on each shoe. Recently I saw a pair for sale on Etsy and rushed up to the attic to find an illustration I had drawn of mine, way back in the day. Below are pictures of those shoes, and the drawing, as well as two other pairs from that same Keds collection. Ahh, the '80s!


amyville in az said...

So awesome!!! love your sketch!!!

cat and vee xoxo said...

the exact same sort of shoe were around over here back then - well, really, I'm specifically talking Lismore, NSW, late 1980s. But they weren't Keds - we called them 'tennis shoes'. And we had a brand called Dunlop Volleys that were kind of the same.

But kids drew on them with texta - nothing like the gorgeous number and music notes in your pics. We're talking black texta.

Funny how things can be nearly the same, but not quite. Just depends on what's available and where you are. Hope all is well, C xx

penny candy handmade said...

Thanks, Amy!

Hi Catherine! I looked up the Dunlop Volleys and found this awesome pair:

When I got to college I started drawing on all of my tennis shoes with a Sharpie, mostly doodles, kind of like 'zentangles', though I just recently learned that's what that style is called. I have a new pair of Chuck Taylor Converse that need to be drawn on but haven't had time yet. I'll have to do it and take a photo when I'm done. I love the retroness of Converse, but they make my feet look big. Seems like drawing on them makes them look smaller. ;-)

I think it's so amazing how, regardless of distance or culture, so many things are the same among generations. "It's a small world after all!"

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