Monday, February 11, 2013

Found Vintage Book: Pattern and Design (1948)

Whenever I have a few minutes of "free time" this winter, I've been trying to get a jump start on spring cleaning. Included in this task each year is organizing the bookshelves. Over the weekend I stopped and looked through a book I've had for a long time called Pattern and Design, by N.I. Cannon. It was published in London in 1948 and includes over 200 illustrations, some on lovely color plates. Most of the book details how to make patterns from subjects in nature. Here are some of the color illustrations, many done by students.

Incidentally, the book appears to have been republished in the last couple of years and is available on Amazon. While the new cover is missing its vintage appeal, the interior may still be as lovely.


The Domestic Plate said...

What a neat book! Thanks for sharing! I've been doing sporadic spring cleaning too. (Better to get it out of the way now!)

penny candy handmade said...

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, I figure if I start spring cleaning now and take my time, I might get done about the same time as usual, but with less stress...and maybe actually be a little more thorough! Not to mention, it's easier to be inside when the weather stinks, plus maybe I'm kind of fooling myself into thinking it IS spring, since I'm doing spring cleaning! ;-)

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