Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage Fabric Stash...Reorganized!

About a month ago I saw a photo, posted on Instagram by Catherine of the sewing and craft duo cat&vee, showing pieces of her fabric stash organized on little mini bolts. They looked so amazing that I decided I wanted to do the same thing, only with all the vintage fabric I have been hoarding for years.


So I followed the same tutorial Catherine did, which you can find on Terri's Sewfantastic blog, and set off on an ironing spree... I had been warned that there was A LOT of ironing to be done, which there was, but the end result was so fab I didn't mind. The little bolts stack up so nicely, and look so great grouped together by color! After organizing the fabric this way, I was able to get my stash stored in one drawer instead of two, and now am so addicted to the results that I want to buy more fabric just to organize it! Yes, I think I might need help.


What d'ya think? Talk about looking 1000 times better! And now I have an empty drawer that needs filled...


cat and vee xoxo said...

oh I have been so looking forward to seeing this post!! You have some seriously gorgeous vintage prints there Amy - and isn't it such an awesome feeling to have now picked up every piece, ironed it, folded it and sorted it into its new colour-home. It's so great to be able to choose fabrics for a project, and know where to find them and then fold them straight back neatly onto their little bolts. I can totally understand that you want to buy more fabric just so you can store it all neatly! Thanks so much for linking through to us too. Catherine x

penny candy handmade said...

You know what's interesting? I thought because the fabric was now on bolts I would never EVER use it, but since I did this, I've actually used a bit from two different bolts! Not A LOT, but it's baby steps! ;-) I have my eye on so much fabric now that I want to buy to add to this little organized collection!

My Heart 4 Him said...

This is brilliant. I store my fabric with the "fold on a ruler, then remove the ruler" method. But, I can only stack the fabric. Standing on bolts is much lovelier. We have a comic book store. I might go there on my lunch hour today.

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