Thursday, January 23, 2014

TBT: Creepy Crafty Characters

Check out these "Masquerade Heads" featured on the cover of one of my recent thrift store finds: "Aunt Jane's Sewing Circle" magazine (November 1974).

Made by layering 5 to 7 layers of toilet paper and spray starch over a huge, blown-up balloon, they're like a creepy version of the "New Zoo Revue" characters. And they look like they'd be heavy and uncomfortable, too, but I may try the technique this fall to make a domed R2-D2 head for my son's Halloween costume.

The remaining crafts featured in the magazine are not as interesting as the typography and layout. Check out these two pieces of title art: first, writer Joan's tiny beehive-coiffed head floating in space...

...and then Mary Jane, whose paste-up head makes her look more like Liberace tickling those loom fibers.

A perfect 1974 craft specimen!

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