Thursday, January 9, 2014

TBT: MacPaint

For those of you too young to remember MacPaint, this is what life was like 25 years ago. This was considered so "advanced"...futuristic! Considering how primitive it looks, people did amazing things with it!

Macintosh System 1.1 interface.

Above: Designed by Susan Kare, designer of the MacPaint interface.

UPDATE: You can now play with a modern, interactive facsimile, called CloudPaint. It's nearly identical! Check it out here.


Ceri said...

Ah I remember it well. :)

AK Artisian said...

I remember it well too and played on it for hours. I would love to have that in fabric so I can make a cover fort my Mac Book Pro.

penny candy handmade said...

That's a great idea! Since it's a personal project, you could probably design some quick fabric and have it printed on Spoonflower. Very cool!

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