Monday, August 13, 2012

Tea for Two and Towels for Tea

This week I'm adding some new tea towels to my Etsy shop: a chalk-lettered antipasto towel, made using the technique I described here; a King of Cups towel, which coordinates with my Fire King-inspired collection of fabric; and a Cowboy Cookies recipe tea towel, which combines wood type with vintage western imagery. All are printed on linen-cotton canvas, which becomes very soft after a couple washes, and all were sewn by me...on my trusty, old, early '70s, avocado green Kenmore sewing machine, handed down to me by my mom.

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cat and vee xoxo said...

Saw your tweet. Love them, want them all!! When they are all up in your shop, I will buy all at once. Will check back in. Cat.

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