Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wallpaper and Wall Decals? Oh, my!

What's the saying? "When the cat's away, the mice will play?" Though I really wouldn't consider myself the cat, but... When I returned from vacation, I found an email from Spoonflower saying they now offer wallpaper and wall decals! So I spent the first couple of days making sure the bulk of my designs translate to the new product.

Wallpaper is available in standard 24" x 144" rolls at $60 each, or you can get a 24" x 12" swatch for $5. And it's easily repositionable, so no paste is involved! Wall decals are made from the same material and come in three sizes: 5" square ($5), 15" square ($15), and 30" square ($30). The decals are not die cut, so they need to be trimmed using scissors or an Xacto knife. And they can be applied to just about anything! I thought a small decal of my Staxx design would be fun to apply in the living room of a dollhouse!

Here are some examples, including a 30" x 30" Footnote Flower decal sheet. Now, if Spoonflower would start printing wrapping paper...


Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

Wow your chalkboards letters look awesome as wallpaper! Well they all do! I'm with you wrapping paper would be really handy!x

penny candy handmade said...

Thanks, Rebecca! Some of these designs would be really cool in just a 24" or 48" wide accent strip on the wall. I can't wait to get my samples!

cat and vee xoxo said...

oh my GOSH I want your Staxx bookshelves as wallpaper!! I haven't been reading blogs lately, so have missed this post until now.

Are you happy with the quality of the wallpaper swatch you received? - I want to wallpaper our hallway, and haven't managed to convince Jim to paper it in hot pink Marimekko cows ... but your Staxx design, he would LOVE!!

see you, Cat x

penny candy handmade said...

Yes! The quality is great--it almost feels like vinyl. And Spoonflower did a great job with packaging materials, including instructions and everything. I ordered the wall decals (shown last, above), but need to find the perfect place to adhere them! According to the instructions, the paper is not really what I would consider "self-adhesive"--it still requires water to make it sticky, and Spoonflower made sure to point out that wallpapering is a two-person job. ;-) I'll definitely post some pics of the process when I get around to hanging them!

So glad you think the Staxx pattern would be cool! It's one of my favorites. I realized last week that I need to retool some of my designs specifically for wallpaper only, so they repeat correctly across 24". That way, if multiple rolls are ordered, the repeat is correct across the seams.

The Marimekko cows would be so cool. Maybe just a couple strips? I wouldn't mind doing maybe one office wall with ANYTHING Marimekko.

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