Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All Aboard! Old Railroad Car Type

My son is obsessed with trains. Toy trains, real trains, cartoon trains, pictures of trains, steam engines, diesels, commuter trains, trolleys, the Seattle Monorail...trains made out of metal, wood, plastic, blocks, or even the food on his plate. Obsessed. So this past weekend we took an afternoon trip to the railroad museum. During the spring and summer you can ride the vintage steam train to another town and back, but in the winter only the museum's small indoor exhibit and gift shop are open. Plus, you can walk around and look at old train cars. The engines and freight and passenger cars on site are very nice. But along the main road, about five blocks from the museum, is a kind of railroad graveyard, with lots of old, rusty cars. I took these pictures of the very cool numerals...painted on them by hand. Beautiful, whether clean or distressed! The number '5' reminded me of Charles Demuth's painting, I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold.

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