Friday, January 20, 2012

Outdated? Ha ha, I don't think so!

Ahhh, the mix tape. We've all made them, or received them, or both...maybe in CD form for you young ones, but the concept is the same. I started making mix tapes when I was nine years old, way back in 1979. I would record songs from the radio on a GE tape recorder, holding my fingers on Record and Play, nervously awaiting the moment at the start of a song when the DJ would finally quit talking. Then repeating this again at the end, hoping maybe this once the DJ would let the song fade out into another song without speaking. Eventually I gave up and started just recording choruses of songs. Boy, when I got my first dual-cassette boom box, the recording studio was open!

This week's Spoonflower Fabric of the Week contest theme is 'Outdated Technology'. It was hard for me to pick a subject, since I still use many of the things most would consider long gone: a rotary princess phone (in avocado green!), record players, a boom box, the Atari 2600... I decided to go with the mix tape because I wanted a print that could be used on pillows in a hip studio apartment or loft, or on funky tote bags. Nostalgic for the '80s generation, inspiring and cool for the Gen X- and Y'ers. The design above is what I came up with. You can view the complete pattern, and others like it, in my Spoonflower shop. Click here to vote in this week's contest. Plan to spend awhile looking through the entries--there are so many great designs and lots of subjects you'll want to reminisce about!

The calendar may say 2012, but in my head (and heart), it's perpetually 1979!

One last thought: if you could put just one song on the ultimate mix tape, what would it be?

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