Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color Collages, Part One

Lately I have been stumbling upon awesome 'color collages' that truly amaze and inspire me. Check out these from Liz Jones of Melbourne, Australia. Liz makes and sells incredible brooches, pendants, and clocks made from recycled 1950s linoleum and vintage buttons, and sells them through her shop, Betty Jo Designs. Oh, how amazing her stash of linoleum must be! But I digress...

The images below are just a small sampling of her colorful collage photos, all of which can be seen in her Flickr photostream. The last photo shows one of her 'Rubbish Rainbows', composed entirely of colored plastic trash she found washed up on the beach. Beautiful!

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Betty Jo said...

Thankyou Amy. Lovely to discover your blog! xxxLiz

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