Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pillow Talk

Today I was able to get a little bit of sewing time, thanks to pouring-down rain and a two-year-old who is obsessed with trains. I finished up an 18" x 18" pillow I made as a gift for our close friends' six-year-old daughter (and my son's first crush!), who loves pink, teal, and unicorns. When I babysat Sofia last summer, she would enjoy looking through my '80s sticker collection from time to time. Her favorites were the unicorns, some of which you may recognize below.

This was my first try at sewing a zipper on anything. Honestly, I didn't understand the instructions that came with the zipper, so I figured it out on my own and have to say it is really pretty easy! I sewed each panel onto the zipper first, then closed up the pillow cover by sewing around the other three seams. Just remember to open the zipper first before completely sewing up the three sides; otherwise, you won't be able to turn the whole thing inside out! I think the final pillow turned out great, and am already planning on adding pillow covers to my Etsy shop!

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done! Did she love it? I have been thinking about trying to make pillow covers as well... shipping whole pillows stinks!

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