Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Building Blocks of Nostalgia

My son loves to build things with blocks. Now that he has moved on to Duplos and Legos, and doesn't play much with the vintage wooden blocks that hid dad played with as a kid, I can display the old blocks...and have fun using them to "build" the displays myself! Here are some cool sets of blocks (vintage and new) that I've found and will probably have to collect now that I've seen them. Blocks aren't just for kids anymore!

Sources... 1:} vintage Halsam Alphabet Blocks via sushipotparts on Etsy - 2:} Fred XYZ Blocks via CMYBacon - 3:} vintage Japanese building blocks via sushipotparts on Etsy - 4:} Miller Goodman ShapeMaker blocks CMYBacon

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