Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Designer's Chocolate + Peanut Butter

Move over Brangelina. Step aside mac & cheese. There's a new power couple in my world! This week House Industries unveiled a pairing of two of my favorite things in the world: typography and AMAC boxes! I have been using AMAC boxes for organizing since the early '80s. They are stackable, come in sizes from 1" x 1" x 1/2" to about 4" x 4" x 8", and best of all, they're made of clear, colored plastic, and when the light hits them...oooh! Designed in the early 1960s, these boxes are part of the MOMA's Permanent Collection. You can buy them in all their colorful glory at the Container Store, but now House Industries has decorated a set of five with letters, numbers, and typographic ornament, which can be purchased online exclusively here.

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Rebecca said...

ooh one of each please!

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