Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Koffee and Kawaii

Continuing the Retro Kitchen theme, today I take a quick look at breakfast, and the work of Mayene De Leon. I've always had an appreciation for Kawaii (quite often I would spend my allowance on scented pencils and erasers at the Sanrio store when I was a kid), but I think it takes an artist with a certain talent to create Kawaii characters, many times using only eyes to make them so expressive. Mayene is one of those artists. She works for a major San Francisco-based type house during the day, but at night she makes breakfast food come alive!

Here are a couple samples of her work: fabric featuring bicycle-riding waffles, donuts and pancakes; and plushie donuts and eclairs (yum!). Read more about Mayene and her Kawaii adventures on her blog, and check out her Etsy and Spoonflower shops for more sweet goodies!

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