Monday, May 14, 2012

Two Inspiring Kitschy Kitchen Books

In honor of the Spoonflower "Retro Kitchen" fabric-of-the-week contest, I've been posting pictures of retro kitchens on my Facebook page. On the blog I thought I would feature a couple of books that you may find as inspiring as I do.

First, the Kitchen Kitsch book by Jim Heimann. It features page after full-color page of mid-century illustrations and graphics of food, food brands, packaging, book covers, kitchens, and more, all gathered from old mail-order cookbooks, recipe pamphlets, and advertising. You'll discover something new every time you look through its pages!

The Fire King Mug Book was published in Japan and written by Satoshi Yamashita. I've had this book since 2004 and refer to it regularly. It is probably the best book available for Fire King collectors, but is hard to find in the U.S. (I bought mine on eBay). It contains pictures of over 850 mugs, from standard production designs to advertising and licensed characters. Each mug has a rarity ranking as well. And even though it's written almost completely in Japanese, it is designed beautifully and is still an awesome resource!

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